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As far as the use of PC or Laptop computers is concerned there isn’t any major difference. PC laptop computers are used in the same way. Though there are certain differences. If a person is in the market to select PC or laptop computer he must need to compare the portability, price and some other features.



Is a laptop right choice for you?

These laptop computers age generally personal computers that are self-contained and portable. All the units of laptop computers are condensed into a small folding unit. It generally has a monitor on the top half and a touch board and condensed keyboard on the lower half. The bottom half also carries a CPU and disk drives.


The main feature of the laptop computer is its portability. If you are the type of the persons who are always on a go but needs a computer every second then not PC but laptop computers is the right choice for you. It has a wonderful ability to move from one place to another even after a notice of a single moment. No wonder laptop computers are very famous in today’s modern and always moving societies.

Laptop computers perform well but still their performance capacity is much lower than PC computers. There is no the wide range of up gradation available because of these laptop computers being self-contained and their smaller sizes. This up gradation is easier in PC computers where one can simply unplug one part of the PC and plug n the inferior part. Laptop computers have a few hardware upgrades that can be easily made. Generally there is a small pot on the bottom half of the PC computers that allows up gradation. This upgrading is even expensive than PC computers because of the compact manufacturing. So laptop computer is the best choice for you if portability and not up gradation is the prime concern for you.



Is PC right Choice for You?

PC costs far less than laptop computers because of the lack of their portability. It is harder to move the PC from one place to another. There are more than one parts of the PC which includes CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse. These parts make the PC difficult to move from one place to another. Other units can also be easily added in PC like webcams, CD and DVD drives.


As far as the performance of PC is compared with laptop computers then PC is the better choice. They are faster, powerful, display a better picture and display better graphics.


The upgrades can be easily added and does not involve expensive procedures. So if you want to save money, want a product that you can easily upgrade and can be kept at one place then PC is the right choice for you.