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If you are striving to find the best mini laptop computer you will come across many selections. Your choice depends upon your preferences. Your requirements will determine the cost of your mini laptop computer. It is a difficult to task to find the best one especially if you do not know exactly what do you want. When you start the search it is good to go through the 5 most famous mini laptop computers.


Acer Aspire

The first and the most famous mini laptop computer is Acer Aspire. This is a famous mini laptop computer since several seasons. It has a wide-screen of 9 inches. It is the perfect choice if the user plans to use this mini laptop computer a lot. It has bright and sharp colors. These are adjustable and help he user to see well. Acer Aspire is slightly larger than other mini laptop computers. It is the best choice for those who want to keep a small notebook but require lot of features.


Asus Eee PC 1000

The next choice is Asus Eee PC 1000. This is larger when compared to original notebooks of Asus that are available in the market but it is still considered mini. It has the same Intel Atom processor that is found in other Asus models. The best feature of Asus is that it consumes less energy; so the battery lasts longer even when you are out.


Dell Inspiron Mini 9

The third mini laptop computer is Dell Inspiron Mini 9 inch. The best thing about this latop computer is that it can be easily upgraded with 16 GB drive to increase the storage capacity. The battery of this mini laptop computer lasts for around 3 and a half hour.


HP Mini Laptop

The next mini laptop computer is HP Mini Laptop. A general problem faced by the potential users of this type is the price. Though these are slightly more expensive but this mini laptop computer does not provide any added or extraordinary feature to settle the high price. Hp Mini mini laptop computer comes with a full-size keyboard.



The final mini laptop computer is Sony VAIO. It comes with 8.9 inches screen and has a big hard drive of 80 GB. It weighs around 3 pounds. Sony VAIO also features Windows Vista Home Basic.